Women’s March

JANUARY 20,2018

Location: Pershing Square Los Angeles, California

Population: 500,000 people

This is just the beginning .JPGMothers Against Idiots.JPGJUSTICE.jpegIf you aren't Part of the SoluTIon you are Part of the PROBLEM! .JPGWe are Pink and We Vote .JPGWho Run The World.JPGGIRLSHear our VOTE.JPGdog-for-president-e1516569608182.jpgog-feminist-af.jpg

We must carry
forward the work
of the women who
came before us and
ensure our
daughters have no
limits on their
dreams, no
obstacle to their achievements
and no remaining
ceilings to shatter.”

They tried to bury US They didn't know we were SEEDS.JPGYou will not silence the voice of An informed America.JPG

Cindy .jpeg

“Little Girls With Dreams Become Women With Visions.”

Register to vote ! 
Power To The Polls - TEXT P2P TO RTVOTE (788-683)

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