Graduation ūüéď#OOTD



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Dress: BCBG Dress | Nordstrom Heels | Pride Sash Builder Sash | Michaels Crystals and Flowers Cap Decorations 

I wanted a satin graduation sash that was personal to me and my four-year journey leading to this graduation. ¬†With the constant support of my parents, I was able to have an education these past 16 years of my life. ¬†Since I am a first generation college graduate, I wanted to express my love for my parents and our Mexican culture. ¬†On the Pride Sash website, you can choose different colors for the sash, trim, and thread. ¬†The site allowed me to add a custom Latino (serape) tip style to the sash. ¬†Your order takes about five weeks to be made and shipped. ¬†Upon placing your order the company gives you multiple shipping options. ¬†Order the sash at least two months before your graduation. ¬†From personal experience, I know graduation season may delay the arrival of the sash. ¬†My 100% customized sash was $67.81. ¬†The cost was more than double the the price of the sash my school sold, but the quality is great and no one had a sash identical to mine. ¬†I don’t know about you, but I like to stand out in crowds especially for a huge life changing event like this one. ¬†It’s not everyday you graduate, might as well go all out!


The cap was not too hard to decorate.  The only hard part was deciding what I wanted to do to the cap.  I chose the letter C because to me that letter means multiple things.  C for me stands for Cindy, Cindikinss, College, Career, Challenge, Clothes, Creativity, CEO, and Charity.  I bought the crystals and flowers from Michaels and glued them on with a hot glue gun.  The total amount of the material was $36.


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