Graduation 🎓#OOTD



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Dress: BCBG Dress | Nordstrom Heels | Pride Sash Builder Sash | Michaels Crystals and Flowers Cap Decorations 

I wanted a satin graduation sash that was personal to me and my four-year journey leading to this graduation.  With the constant support of my parents, I was able to have an education these past 16 years of my life.  Since I am a first generation college graduate, I wanted to express my love for my parents and our Mexican culture.  On the Pride Sash website, you can choose different colors for the sash, trim, and thread.  The site allowed me to add a custom Latino (serape) tip style to the sash.  Your order takes about five weeks to be made and shipped.  Upon placing your order the company gives you multiple shipping options.  Order the sash at least two months before your graduation.  From personal experience, I know graduation season may delay the arrival of the sash.  My 100% customized sash was $67.81.  The cost was more than double the the price of the sash my school sold, but the quality is great and no one had a sash identical to mine.  I don’t know about you, but I like to stand out in crowds especially for a huge life changing event like this one.  It’s not everyday you graduate, might as well go all out!


The cap was not too hard to decorate.  The only hard part was deciding what I wanted to do to the cap.  I chose the letter C because to me that letter means multiple things.  C for me stands for Cindy, Cindikinss, College, Career, Challenge, Clothes, Creativity, CEO, and Charity.  I bought the crystals and flowers from Michaels and glued them on with a hot glue gun.  The total amount of the material was $36.


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